According to oral history four Williams male siblings and one female sibling was born to different mothers. The children were Jerry, Benjamin, Daniel, Strother (Stradder) and  Amanda (Mandy). Benjamin Williams was born about 1843 married Edith who was born about 1845 and had six children listed below and highlighted.

1. Netty Williams born 1865 

2. Robert Williams born about 1868 married Nancy Ross on  January 2, 1890, who was born about 1876, died prior to 1930.  Robert died July 1965.They had eleven children:
    1. Edie born about 1894 status unknown
    2. Hagar born about 1895 status unknown
    3. Duzarie born about 1896 married L.J. Boss they had four children
        1. Trager Boss
        2. Jeroldine Boss
        3. Duzarie Boss
        4. Louise Boss
    4. Benjamin Williams born about 1900
    5. Effie born about 1902 married Mack Berry on September 27, 1919
    6. Robert Jr. born about 1905 status unknown
    7. Luke born June 4,1908 and died February 3, 1999 married Ethel Jackson born June 4, 1911 
        and died November 16, 1989. Ethel was the daughter of Sam Jackson. Luke and Ethel had eight children:
        1. Charles Lee married Bertha Cheatam
        2. Arthur Lee married Bessie Mae (surname unknown)
        3. Henderson Williams  married  Jeroldine Boss
        4. Calvert (Calvert) Williams born about 1898 married Mandy (surname unknown)
        5. Nancy Williams married Timothy Brown
        6. Claudie Williams married Julius Williams
        7. Dorotha Jean Williams born about 1916 married Robert Texada.
        8. Geroldine Williams status unknown.
    8. Henderson born about 1913 maried Kate Sharitt
    9. Calvert Williams born about 1898 married Mandy
    10. Dorotha Williams born about 1916 status unknown
    11. (Rev) Sewell Williams born about 1909 married Charlotte Pollard on February 19, 1931, they had seven              children.
        1. Sewell Williams Jr. born November 15, 1941 and died 1982.
        2. Jewell Williams unknown status
        3. Robert Williams born about 1934 died 2005 married Ruby Dell Williams daughter of Frank Williams and                       granddaughter of Nelson Williams and Idella Iles.
        4. Rosetta Williams born ???? died June 10, 2006 married Raymond Johnson son of Raymond Johnson Sr.                       and Celina Belmon and grandson of Jake Belmon and Celina Taylor. Rosetta and Raymond Johnson's children               are:
            1. Andrea Denise Johnson-Densley
            2. Bridgett Ross Johnson
            3. Michele Elice Johnson unknown status
        5. Mc Kinley Williams
        6. Charlotte ”Lottie”(Williams) Rue 
        7. Nancy Ruth( Williams) Brown
        8, Margret Ann (Johnell) Williams Barrett  
3. Calvit Williams born May 1875 married  Doris Yarborough on November 1, 1898 who was born about January about January 1878. They had three children:
    1. John B.Williams born March 1896
    2. Jaslet S. Williams born March 1897
    3. William B. Williams ( no other information) 
4. Jane Williams  was born 1873 status unknown.

5. Sarah Williams was born about 1874 status unknown.

6. Annie  Williams born in December 1876

7​. Benjamin Junior born 1871 

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