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The 1870 census shows Milly Dougherty was born about 1856 and was one of four children born to parents Richard and Betsy Dougherty. Richard Dougherty was born about 1810, and Betsy was born about 1820, both were both born in Virginia. In 1870 Milly was 14 years old, her brothers were Silas who was 27, Douglas 21, and Richard age 7 were all shown to be born in Louisiana.  

Milly was the second wife of Jerry Williams with whom he had seven children. Milly’s parents lived next door to Jerry Williams, and the 1880 Census showed Milly and four of her seven children used the surname Dougherty. It was spelled Dougherty on the census, but can and is spelled numerous ways; Dorty, Dority, Dorrity, Dorothy, Dougherty). 
 Milly and Jerry’s children were: 

1. Henry (Dougherty) Williams born about 1873 status unknown

2. Milly Jr.(Dougherty) Williams born about 1875

3. Annie (Dougherty) Williams born about 1878 

4. Silas Williams born April 1886 unknown status

5. Terrie Williams born December 1888 unknown status

6. Willie Williams born July 1893 status unknown 

7. Louis Dougherty (our grandfather) was born about 1881, reared by his uncle Douglas Dougherty and kept the Doughterty surname. Louis married Lillie C. Young (our grandmother) in February 1906 and had twelve living children. For more information about our mother Ruthie Mae Dorty and her siblings click the links above.